Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Revamped Fully Functional Web-based Android Market Released

Android means, adj: something possessing human features.  An automation that mimics human-like actions is called Android.
Usage Example:  I have purchased a new android phone, and it really feels like having a pal on my side.

Google Inc., Mountain view.  Google has released their web-based Android Market in tune to the itunes.  It is an absolute revamp of the market with great UI and excellent features.

Highlights of the revamp are:

  • Similar look and UI as in mobile Android Market.
  • Fully functional, including the search option to search specific applications.
  • Includes all apps that are in market, including those which are free and paid.
  • Has personalization and provides you a separate Android Market Account
  • You can now synchronize your android applications all in one place thanks to the new personalized Android Market Account, you can install applications on web and it will automatically install in your mobile
  • You can share your likes with your friends on social network.
Really amazing, fast and intuitive way to go Android OS.  For all those Android fans, there is one more good news. Now Android OS has become one of the most widely used OS in history.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

How to add another account in Android Mobile Phone without reset?

Dear all,

This is one problem that made me wonder all around the internet world for almost 4 days, and I really could not find any solution other than hardware resetting or rooting the phone, which I ofcourse did not wanted to do, as I did not wanted to risk my phone into all this, as I love my android so much.

So, finally I found the solution that is so easy and so safe that you would definitely give a million thanks to me.

Lets take a quick review on what the problem is:
Android Phones:  Almost all the android phones have this problem, where after adding a primary GMail account, when you try to add another GMail account, it creates problem, says "Connecting to Google Server it may take more than five minutes", and then says "Cannot establish a reliable data connection please contact your operator."  As you know its not an operator problem its a software glitch so even contacting to the operators would not help, and contacting Google we got answer that we cannot help on a device specific problem, which is not, as people on different devices face the same problem.

Solution:  So finally I found a solution that is very easy and it would not affect your phone at all.  Your phone's contact, data, and everything would remain intact, in fact you would not even have to restart your phone forget about hardware resetting or rooting it.

So the solution is
Step1: Go to Youtube Application on your device and launch it.
Step2: Sign-in there not with your youtube ID, but with your google Email, the email that you want to add as an account.
Step3:  Once you signin using your GMAIL Google ID.  Simply press the back button and get out of youtube to come back to the home page.
Step4:  Now go to Settings > Accounts and Sync
Step5:  Here you will find your new account added, that is it.  Enjoy.

Do leave your feedback if it works for you or if you face any problem, but in any case, leave your feedback for sure.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Convert your mobile into 10 entirely new things

My top 10 Application lists are the following:  The reason I chose this apps over the millions available in the Android Market is that these apps,  change your mobile phone into something complete different: – Augmented Reality – The perfect amalgamation of virtual and real world. Sky Map – Converts your mobile into a telescope,  just imagine how beautiful it would be to see Andromeda Galaxy standing up on your terrace. – Want to know about the latest mobile,  but don’t know which model it is,  just take a picture and google will tell you everything about it.   It is not just limited to mobiles,  just anything you want to know about,  take a pic and the super cloud computing of Google will do the rest for you. Scanner – It converts your mobile into a barcode reader,  so next time you are shopping,  you just need to scan the barcode to know everything about that product. Hippo – It is a really funny cute Hippo,  which reiterates whatever you say to him in his own voice,  and ya you can tickle and play with it too. A nice friend living inside your mobile. – In a DJ,  you like that number, you want to know which song it is,  but you cannot reach the DJ,  no prob,  just use this app,  and get to know everything about the song. – A really funny game,  so your mobile is now a gaming device too. – Convert your mobile into a VOIP,  use your WIFI to talk to your friends on Gtalk,  Skype etc. – Turn your mobile into a virtual library and read tons of quality free ebooks. 

Wifi Tether – No internet connection around you,  know prob,  just turn your mobile into a wifi Spot,  and yup you are connected to the world.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Free unlimited SMS on your mobile

Do you regularly use SMS, are many of your friends outstation, and you send a lot of SMS to them.  Now, you would not ever need to get an SMS pack or pay for SMS.  Just download the mobile Java application and send SMS to your friends as you would usually do from your mobile FREE for ever.  So, stay connected, even when you step out.
  • The application is very very small, just of 28KB, and very simple to install.
  • Special features of this application is you can send multiple group message to your friends
  • As well as send SMS to your friends from your phone book.
  • Using this application you can also upload and backup your phonebook contacts.
  • So what are you waiting for just go ahead and download the application now.

You can use this service in two ways. You can now send SMS with or without a GPRS connection on your mobile.
1) SMS with GPRS Connection

The "VIA GPRS" feature of 160by2 allows you to send Free SMS from your GPRS enabled device. The additional features include : 
a) No need to Login (even if you exit the application) every time you want to access 160by2. It keeps you loggedin until you logout. 
b) You can access all your contacts from account as well as from your phone book 
c) You can now upload and backup your phone book on 160by2.
2) SMS without GPRS Connection

Don't have an Internet connection on your mobile? Still you can Enjoy SMSing. The valuable "Via SMS" feature of 160by2 allows you to send SMS anywhere in India without an active GPRS connection.
a) There is no need to Login . User is validated based on his mobile number. 
b) You can send SMS upto 10 recipients at a time and shall be charged only for cost of ONE SMS as per your tariff plan.
c) You can include recipients as individual mobile numbers or as 160by2 Group Names.
Install 160by2 Via Mobile 
1) Point your phone's browser to 
2) Answer 'Yes' to all installation messages and enjoy Free SMSing, right on your mobile phone! 
Problems connecting? Make sure your phone is correctly set up for Internet access.
Install 160by2 Via PC 
Please login before starting download
1) Select your mobile from the below list and click to download the .jar and .jad files. 
2)Transfer these files to your phone, and install them according to your phone's installation procedure.
To download the application Just copy and paste this link in your mobile browser

Sunday, August 15, 2010

How to get free SMS alert for Gmail, 15 minute talk time, and free SMS

Hi dear friends, it has been a long time since I came up with some new cool idea to help you ease your life.  Sometimes we are expecting an important mail, but we cannot stay in front of computer all the time to check again and again whether the mail arrived or not, at that time we wish if we had a Free SMS alert in GMAIL, but unfortunately this service is not available currently on GMAIL, but you do not worry.  We can get this done for free.  Plus you will get 15 minutes of free talk time and more free talk time for each friend you invite.

Today, I am going to share with you all a method through which you can set a free SMS mail alert system in GMAIL, without even revealing your password to any third party, as you need to do it in way2sms.  So let us start.

Note:  This process may take upto 15 minutes to setup.

Step 1:  Go to Click Here for Free 15 minute talk time and signup for an Ibibo account.  This will also give you free talk time of 15 minutes.  By this method, you will get a call from ibibo on your mobile, and it will connect you to your friend, and as such you both will talk on your mobile, no need of internet headphone or anything it will just be a normal phone call with caller tune advertisement.

Step 2:  After signing up for an account on Ibibo, click on Free SMS, and setup your mobile number with your ibibo account.  Note:  Your mobile number is confidential and not shared with anyone, not even your friends, but your friends can send you free SMS or call you if you allow so.  As soon as you setup your mobile number with your Ibibo account, you will get 15 minutes of free talktime and you can call any of your friends for free.

Step 3:  Note down your new ibibo email address, it must be like eg,

Step 4:  Now go to Gmail account and click on Settings on the top right corner.  Then click on Forwarding and POP/IMAP.

Step 5:  Click on Add a forwarding email address and enter your ibibo email id, eg.,  You will be given a password, note it down, and then go to your ibibo mail, their you will receive a verification mail from gmail, click on the link which says, Click to Verify your forward request etc. and authorize GMAIL to forward your gmail emails to Ibibo.

Step 6:  Go to ibibo account, and click on SMS alerts Activate Button.  That is it, you have successfully setup your account to receive free SMS alert of GMAIL.

Extra:  You can also create GMAIL filter for selective emails, subject, or any search string, suppose you want to get alert of only a few friend on SMS, then you can create a filter for his/her email id and get alert only for that.  Go to Settings > Filter >  Create a new Filter >  enter your friends email address > select other options of forwarding, and select your forwarding id as,  as such you will receive free alert for specific friends.  Similarly if you want SMS alert or specific subject you can create a filter for that and forward it your ibibo account.

Have fun and stay up-to-date, and if you like this article and this article helps you, share this link on your Facebook, Twitter, orkut accounts with your friends.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Call any mobile in world for free for unlimited minutes unlimited times

Note: Before you try it, let me make you aware, that setting up this system is going to be tough, and those with high level patience are requested to try it, otherwise do not try this.  I started setting it up at 10pm night and finished setting up at 6:30 am morning, so your patience would be highly appreciated.  Share this method with your friends and family who have that much of patience.  If you are successful in making call, then I request you to share my website as your status message of your facebook/orkut/twitter accounts.
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What all you will need:
Google ID
Rebtel Account
IPKall number
SIP Call number
Express Talk
Headphone with Microphone

Step1:  Note Update:  As you must be aware that Google Voice has become Open now onwards, and there is no need to request an invitation, so now you just got to install Hotshield to protect your IP address, to download hotspot shield go to the following link and install it.
Then signup to Google Voice Account. 

Step2:  Go to the TPAD website to obtain a Free SIP number, signup at
Note down your TPAD number somewhere.

Step3:  Once you obtained the free SIP number from TPAD, go to the following website
Signup to this website and write the following during the signup form:
1. Choose your account type:  select SIP
2. Choose area code for your IP call number:  default 253
3. SIP Phone number:  your TPAD SIP number here.
4. SIP Proxy number:
5. email address:  your email address here
6. password: anything combination of words and number
7. Enter captcha image two words in the box.

Step4: Check your email, you must have a Washington State's free phone number for your IP phone.  Note that number at some notepad or keep it handy.

Step5:  Now download Express Talk and set up your SIP information as per the instrutions below:
How to Install the Express Talk Softphone

How to setup Tpad on the easy to use Express Talk Softphone (Basic Edition).

This is a very good softphone and very simple to setup and has a number of great wizards (audio / network).
Also, use this if you are getting Timeout / Failed to connect / One way audio problems.

How to setup Free Express Talk Softphone (Basic Edition) with Tpad

1. Download from (Basic Edition)

(Compatible with Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista or later)

2. Install and follow simple setup guides.

3. When this screen appears, select "Yes, I already have SIP Account" and then NEXT.

4. Then when this screen appears enter

Your Name: Enter you display name

SIP Account Number: Your 7 digit Tpad Number e.g 1126789

SIP Server:

SIP Password: Your Tpad Password (used when you made an account)

Then click FINISH.
How to make Free Tpad to Tpad (IP to IP / VoIP to VoIP)
Just dial the 7 digit Tpad Number of your friend, anywhere in the World and press the Green Call Button.
Attach your microphone and headset with your computer and make the free call to 121 to test your setup is working fine.

Step6:  Now go to your Google Voice invitation, and set up your account to obtain a Google Voice Number, when asked for a local telephone number to receive the verification call, then provide your IPKall Washington local number, and click Call Me Now.

You will receive a call on your computer at Express Talk, receive the call and enter the two digit code to verify your number, thats great now you have activated your Google Voice Account Congratulation. Note down your google voice number

Step7:  Now the final step to make international calls for free, go and signup to Rebtel
Enter the following in the form:
First Name:  Your name
Second Name: Your last name
email:  Your email
Country:  USA
your phone number:  Enter your Google Voice number enter +1 for america's code
chose pin:  enter any 4 digit numerical number

Step8: Now add any of your friends mobile number in your Rebtel account to get a local number of washington.  Did not got me, look what Rebtel does is provide you a local number of washington in place of any international number, so that when users call local number, they get to talk to international numbers at cost of local numbers, and calling local numbers of washington is free via Google Voice, so when you make a call via google voice to the local number (which is your friend's international number) you get to talk to your friends for free.  Now add your friend's number with internatioal code ie. +919xxxxxxx and obtain and note the local number that should be like 7xxxxx.

Step9:  Add this local number in the contact of your Google Voice and click the call button, you will receive an incoming call at Express Talk, receive the call, then you will here the dialing ring to your friend, when your friend receives the call, then you are up and ready to call him.

Note:  Do not misuse this service, just think of it as a mean to be in connect with your loved ones and enjoy the free call.

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Once you have obtained the Google Voice number, you can call me and leave a voice message to me by just clicking the below Call Me button and enter your name and your Google Voice number and press Connect me.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Absolutely Great Free Method to call any mobile anywhere

This message is specially for those who were not able to make the free call via yahoo messenger.

Things you will need to make a free call:
1. Updated Flash player for your browser, you can update it free from adobe site at
2. Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer Browser.
3. Headphone with mic.  (see our article on how to use headphone as mic)

Steps to make a FREE call to any number in the world
Step1.  Go to website and wait for the dialer to load.  Enter the mobile number with its country code and hit the green dial button.

Step2.  Allow the application to access your microphone.
Step3.  See the short video advertisement.
Step4.  Hear the dial ring and wait for your friend to attend the call.
Step5.  Talk to your friend 100% free.
If you were able to make the call, then in support to us kindly visit our website and share the website about positive news from India, and let us make our country Proud.

Leave your comments here whether you were able to make call or not.  If you have any problem, kindly ask for solution here, I will try to help.

Note:  You can make only a limited number of calls per day, so use it wisely.